Smeaton Healthcare Recognition Scheme

It is with great pleasure for us to announce our new employee recognision scheme 'S.H.R Scheme'.

The S.H.R Scheme is in place to celebrate and recognize the outstanding care and commitment from members of our team.

Why is it so important to us?

When you show your employees that you see and appreciate their efforts — and take the time to demonstrate how much of a measurable impact they’re having on the individuals they support — those employees feel good about what they do and they take those feelings home with them.

Even today, employee recognition isn’t quite as common, or as celebrated, as it should be. Many choose not to make it a priority, either because they’re too busy themselves or because they simply don’t understand why it’s so vital to a thriving workplace.

Here at Team Smeaton, we understand how easy it can be to emphasize recognition — as well as why it’s so important — our S.H.R Scheme is in place to build a brighter future and participates towards making every day a time for appreciation.


How do I vote?

You can vote via our website at

On the page, you must include the name of the person you're voting for and a short description of why you feel they should win for that month.

Can anyone vote?

Voting is only open to members of Team Smeaton and their clients. We would suggest you only vote if you've witnessed their work first hand.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner each month will be announced on the 1st Monday of the following month.

What does the winner receive?

The winner will receive a certificate of recognision, part of S.H.R Scheme, will feature on our website alongside a brief outline of why they have won for that month. The winner will also receive a prize which will vary month-to-month.

What else?

Over the year, there will be a total of 12 winners (1 each month), and in December, all 12 of the winners will be entered into our Final Recognision Phase (F.R.P), and will then be entered into a draw for our end of year prize.

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