S.H.R Scheme January Winner - Ellie Ward

It is with great pleasure to announce that the January winner for the Smeaton Healthcare Recognition Scheme is Ellie Ward.

After leaving Australia and moving to Plymouth, Ellie began her employment as a Healthcare Assistant for Smeaton Healthcare in October 2019. Since her employment commenced, Ellie has gone above and beyond for Smeaton Healthcare - always on hand when a little extra is needed and being a team player always. Ellie does her best at all times to ensure her team are supported and the job is being done to the best of her ability.

What are staff and clients have said:

"Ellie is a team player, she doesn't just work for herself - she works for her team, the residents, the home and Smeaton Healthcare."

"Ellie works hard and does all she can to help. I've appreciated times where I've had too much going on at once and she gave me a hand."

"Ellie is a hard worker that does her best to get things done, additionally she's very nice to work with."

What Ellie has said:

"I am extremely grateful to have won the January award for the S.H.R Scheme. I am also grateful for the opportunities and training and development Smeaton Healthcare have offered me throughout my employment. I want to thank Smeaton Healthcare for the continuous support I am given."

Well done Ellie!

Voting is now open for winner of the S.H.R Scheme February Awards. To vote, please visit www.smeatonhealthcare.co.uk/recognition

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