S.H.R Scheme February Winner - Amy Littlejohns

It is with great pleasure to announce that the February winner for the Smeaton Healthcare Recognition Scheme is Amy Littlejohns.

Amy Littlejohns joined Smeaton Healthcare last year as a Senior Healthcare Assistant after her previous employment with the NHS. Amy has proven to be such an asset to the company, using her leadership skills to support her team when on shift. Proving her professionalism and commitment to her role as a Senior, Amy has excelled in her position with Smeaton Healthcare.

What are staff and clients have said:

“Amy will always help and advice whenever possible , very fair within employees being swapped around on shift ,I have learnt a lot from any and gained a lot of confidence and knowledge.”

“Amy is always there to support us when we are on shift with her. She doesn’t just delegate who does what, she is a true leader and makes us all feel we are part of her team.”

“Amy is dedicated to her role as Senior Healthcare Assistant. She goes above and beyond for the company and the team who work with her. She pays attention to every detail and is a pleasure to work with.”

What our Director's have to say:

“Amy is a professional team player who pays attention to detail at all times. Amy understands the rules and regulations which form such a pivotal part of her role as a Senior Healthcare Assistant; and it shows in the quality of her work. She is prompt, friendly and goes above and beyond to support her team when on shift. Amy is well deserving of her recognition."

What Amy has said:

“I am grateful to have been nominated and received the award for the S.H.R Scheme. It is a great feeling to be recognised and I want to not only thank the company for their support but also our team because without them I would not be able to succeed in my role as Senior Healthcare Assistant.”

Well done Amy!

Voting is now open for winner of the S.H.R Scheme February Awards. To vote, please visit www.smeatonhealthcare.co.uk/recognition

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